Chung-Ang University: A Cradle of ‘Premier Leaguers’ in the Financial Sector
As the year 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Chung-Ang University (CAU), the 100th Anniversary Planning Team would like to introduce CAU’s notable achievements in various sectors recorded in its long history. We wish to enhance a sense of pride and lay the foundation for starting another 1,000 years to take a giant leap forward by introducing proud CAU members who play an active role in various sectors. As part of a plan to do so, this edition of the 100th Anniversary Committee’s news letter will look into CAU’s development stages, efforts to foster finance leaders, and CAU alumni who lead the financial sector.

Developmental Process of CAU’s Disciplinary Units for Nurturing Financial Leaders

CAU established the Department of Economics and two other departments (the Department of Literature, the Department of Early Childhood Eduction) in 1945 when it founded Chung-Ang Junior Women’s College. This was later upgraded to Chung-Ang Women’s College which had the School of Commerce and Economics. The Department of Commerce and the Department of Economics under the School of Commerce and Economics separately recruited and selected their students. In 1948 when the college became a full-fledged higher institution in the name of Chung-Ang University, it started to recruit both male and female students. CAU held the first commencement ceremony in 1950, in which it conferred a bachelor’s degree on its students. Back then, 49 CAU female students-including 8 students with a degree in commerce and 11 students with a degree in economics-received a bachelor’s degree. They were the first female students who earned the bachelor’s degree in Korea.
Commemorative photograph, taken after male and female students of CAU’s School of Commerce and Economics completed their academic course in 1949
CAU, after it became a comprehensive university with a four-year curriculum in 1953, newly established 8 departments, including the Department of Economics and the Department of Commerce, in its Master’s degree program. CAU went the extra mile by adding the Department of Business Administration to the School of Commerce and Economics for the first time in Korea in 1955. Afterwards, CAU also added the Department of Statistics, which contributed hugely to making today’s College of Business & Economics possible.
Introductory video of CAU’s Global Finance Concentration Program
An article, released by the Chosun Ilbo on Oct 18th, 2012
CAU continues to advance its disciplinary units through the diversification of academic programs in an effort to create a strong pool of talent in the financial sector. To that end, CAU newly established the Global Finance Concentration Program under the School of Business Administration, the College of Business & Economics in 2011 to further produce talented people, so-called ‘Premier Leaguers,’ in the financial field. CAU’s Global Finance Concentration Program enables its students to acquire in-depth academic knowledge and practical business skills necessary to become a financial leader in the future. In addition, this program provides well-organized education tailored to students who strive to become a financial leader, where it recommends those who chose ‘Financial Specialist Track’ to obtain the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification while those who chose ‘Finance and Accounting Specialist Track’ to earn the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). As witnessed through its huge popularity among those who aim to work in the financial industry due to the strong and coordinated curriculum, CAU’s Global Finance Concentration Program has had highly competitive admission every year.

Producing Best Certified Public Accountants in Korea

CAU, together with the development of its disciplinary units, has produced a growing number of certified public accountants. In 1978, a total of 73 applicants successfully passed the second phase of the CPA exam, and among them, 6 applicants were from CAU. Back then, 18 CAU undergraduate students took the CPA exam, and 6 of them put their names on the successful applicants’ list of the second phase. Shin Byung-il, who entered CAU in 1976 and majored in business administration, passed the second phase of the CPA exam at the age of 19, which made him the youngest successful applicant of that year. Afterwards in 1980, Park Bong-sik, who entered CAU in 1975 and majored in business administration, recorded the highest score in the third phase of the CPA exam. In addition, Shin Byung-il passed the third phase of the CPA exam and became the youngest successful applicant. Lee Chang-soo, who entered CAU in 1972 and majored in business administration and served as vice-president of Samjong KPMG, also got through the final phase of the CPA exam in that year.
An article released by the Kyunghyang Shinmun on Sep 14th, 1978
An article released by Maeil Business News Korea on Dec 25th, 1980
An article released by the Dong-A Ilbo on Dec 20th, 1985
Cheon Young-soon, who entered CAU in 1981 and majored in business administration, was the only female applicant who passed the third phase of the CPA exam in 1985. Now, she teaches students as a faculty member of CAU.
CPA Exam Preparation Center
2017 Talk Concert for those who prepare the CPA exam
CAU operates a CPA exam preparation center called “Yongwoodang” to effectively support its students who prepare the CPA exam. Yongwoodang provides a variety of benefits for its member students: scholarships, learning support, and on-campus residence hall, to name a few. In 2017, approximately 55% of Yongwoodang member students who had taken the first phase of the CPA exam got through to the next phase. As such, in terms of the pass rate, CAU was among the highest in the nation. On top of this, Yongwoodang holds an annual talk concert to boost its students’ morale and confidence.
Park Hee-jeong (left) and Kim Hyeon-soo (right), the second- and third-best examinees of the CPA exam, respectively
Yongwoodang’s efforts finally came to fruition. In 2017, it proudly produced the second- and third-best examinees of the CPA exam, Park Hee-jeong, who entered CAU in 2014 and majored in business administration, and Kim Hyeon-soo, who entered CAU in 2011 and majored in business administration, respectively. Many successful applicants who were members of Yongwoodang said that Yongwoodang’s support played a pivotal role in passing the CPA exam. CAU has taken the lead in getting its students through the CPA exam. Its rankings in terms of the number of those who passed the CPA over the recent five years are as follows: 6th place in 2013 (with 53 students), 4th place in 2014 (with 62 students), joint 3rd place in 2015 (with 78 students), 4th place in 2016 (with 62 students), and 5th place in 2017 (with 70 students). The total number of successful applicants from CAU over the last five years stands at 325 (approximately 7.2%), which enabled CAU to take fourth place among Korean universities. As proven by the figures, CAU is well-known as a full-fledged prestigious private university in the financial community.
100th CAU

CAU Members Who Play a Key Role in the Financial Sector

In terms of the number of former and current executive directors of financial companies registered in the Public Figure Information Database developed by the Chosun Ilbo, CAU ranks the sixth among Korean universities.
  • 前 우리금융저축은행장 김하중(무역 72)
  • 前 KB국민은행 부행장 홍완기(응용통계 79)
  • 前 한국외환은행 부행장 박재홍(경제 73)
  • 現 기업은행 부행장 윤준구(경제 79)
  • 現 농협은행 부행장 한기열(회계 79)
  • 前 금융감독원 부원장 박원호(경제 76)
  • 現 금융감독원 부원장보 정성웅(경제 83)
  • 前 금융감독원 부원장보 민병현(경제 81)
  • 現 금융감독원
    인천지원 초대지원장 황인하(응용통계 84)
  • 前 유진투자증권
    대표이사 나효승(경영 73)
  • 現 삼정KPMG 상근고문 이창수(경영 72)
  • 現 삼정KPMG 부대표 신병일(경영 76)
  • 現 삼정KPMG
    최고운영책임자 한은섭(경영 82)
  • 現 신영증권
    대표이사 부회장 원종석(토목공학과 80)
  • 現 DGB자산운용
    대표이사 이윤규(경제 75)
  • 現 IBK자산운용 대표이사 주영래(경제 77)
  • 現 골드만삭스
    자산운용 한국총괄대표 김의진(경영 84)
  • 現 한국투자밸류
    자산운용 대표이사 이채원(경영 84)

Congratulatory Remarks

Every month, we sends a video clip which includes congratulatory remarks of CAU graduates to celebrate the centennial year of CAU. This month’s remarks are delivered by CAU New Jersey Alumni Association.
Congratulatory video sent by CAU New Jersey Alumni Association to celebrate CAU’s centennial anniversary
  • The 100th Anniversary Planning Team is waiting for your video with congratulatory remarks. If you make a free-format video with less than one minute which includes messages to celebrate CAU’s 100th anniversary and send it to us (, each and every message will be remembered as part of CAU’s 100-year history.
University focusing on the fundamental value, University giving joy to its members based on mature university culture, This is the path that CAU has taken and continues to take. The year 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of CAU’s foundation. CAU with a 100-year history is now gearing itself for another 1,000 years. CAU is ready to take a giant leap forward to advance into a wider world and further grow for many years to come.

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